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From WeBringIt.com in the "Bring It, Bitch!" Area:

WBI238 – Bring It, Bitch! #52:  : Bella feels she is ready for a high-profile assignment, but Ariel tells her she isn't in no uncertain terms. Bella has more to say to Ariel, but her face is slapped to start the conversation. Bella retaliates in kind and the fight is on. Hair pulling, breast attacks (slapping, squeezing, punching), body punching, face slapping and crotch attacks are all allowable tactics, and both women use them at every opportunity - this is a real brawl! Neither woman wants to quit, and the first woman to gain a submission after the 20-minute mark is declared the winner.

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Here are a few sample pictures from this match:

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And in the "Custom Requests" Area:

YCR064 – Jeans Power Struggle:  One redhead, one brunette: both enter, only one leaves! In this12-minute semi-competitive catfight, Bella and Ariel face off in the bedroom, get rid of their blouses and bras and lock up in a battle of arms and breasts. Both women are well-endowed, and they use their own breasts as weapons and the other bitch's breasts as targets in a grinding body-to-body war until a victory is finally achieved!

Here are a few sample vidcaps from this custom: